Rafferty Brothers - Book 1

By Shiloh Walker

Berkley Sensation - February 2009

Romantic Suspense

Too often, Luke Rafferty saw Devon Manning. It wasn't that he didn't want to see her, in fact, he looked forward to every glimpse he had. The guilt he had was that since he was an emergency room doctor and she a social worker, he typically saw her when she was bringing in a victim of abuse.

Devon didn't need any complications in her life, and she knew Luke would be a giant one. She had issues in her past, and once she gave Luke a little leeway, he charged full out into her life - and to her surprise, she really didn't mind. In fact, she often had to remind him that she wasn't fragile, she was a fighter.

It would be that fighting spirit that Devon would need. Someone other than Luke has their eyes on her. Time was closing in on her. Just how much would she let Luke in, and how much independence would she hold onto? And could it all cost her her life?

Fragile was a refreshing slower paced, yet sensual romantic suspense that I thoroughly enjoyed. There was a gradual growth to Luke and Devon's relationship which was very appropriate considering her history. They are well developed complex characters who are perfect for one anther. Shiloh Walker has written a story with characters that readers will find themselves invested in seeing overcome their obstacles and finding their HEA. And if those readers are anything like myself, they will be hoping that there will be future stories revolving around some of the secondary characters.

Kathy Andrico -