Courting Trouble

Short Story in Songs of Love and Death Anthology

By Linnea Sinclair

Simon & Schuster - November 2010

Science Fiction Romance

Captain Serenity Beck was in trouble. An illegal seizure of her cargo was imminent. Time was running out, and she and her partner Quin were out of options. They needed to get to their ship and try to stall, confuse, and do whatever they could. Getting help from a known liar from her past was not a solution she wanted to take.

Nicandro Talligar was on an undercover assignment and had no intention of breaking protocol, that was until he saw Serri. Six years before he had hidden the truth from her, making her hate him. She had not only left the man she was about to marry, but also Nic. Seeing Serri in trouble, the years disappeared and nothing could stop Nic from helping her. He might put his assignment, even his career in jeopardy, but nothing would stop him from successfully protecting Serri, after so drastically failing in his previous attempt.

With Courting Trouble, Linnea Sinclair has once again delivered an intense, action filled story with complex world building and a heart-tugging romance. Nic has paid cruelly for his rather inept attempt at protecting Serri. He won't allow anything to happen to her again, not on his watch. Serri had lost her best friend when she learned the truth Nic had hidden, and she doesn't want to trust him again. A science fiction "best friends" romance with a hero oh-so-in love with his heroine written by a superb could I not love this story?

Kathy Andrico -

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