A Lady's Revenge

Nexus Series - Book 1

By Tracey Devlyn

Sourcebook Casablance - April 2012

Historical Romance

Guy Trevelyan had entered the dungeon for one goal. Rescue the Raven from their enemies' hands. Instead, he had witnessed someone else being tortured. He had been inexplicably drawn to peer into the chamber, and could not turn away when he glimpsed the face of the captive. Not his assigned rescue, but he could never leave this woman behind. His childhood friend, his best friend's younger sister, Cora deBeau.

Cora would never forget the moment she saw Guy's face peering through the shadows, come to rescue her. The devastating assaults on her body, and the terrible nightmare she had endured could not deter her from her current path. After their parents murders, Cora and her brother Ethan had lived with their guardian Lord Somerton. Guy had often been an addition to their intimate group. Somerton hadn't simply taught them to be part of society. Instead, he had taught them to survive in a world of espionage. A world that Cora could not leave until all that she cared for was safe. She also knew that once her goal was reached, she still could not enter the haven Guy offered. She had been a seductress, she was marked physically and emotionally. Those choices she had made had removed her from the future they so both desperately desired.

A Lady's Revenge is a powerfully intense romance full of intrigue, desire and nightmares. Darkness and danger tinges every step these characters make. Cora had bravely faced her nightmares determined to bring them down, but a misstep had placed her in their unforgivable hands. She is not broken, but more determined to than ever to defeat her, and England's, enemies. Unfortunately, the men in her life intended to protect her, as much as she wished to protect them. From traitors, from thugs, from spys. And from the bad name she had given herself. Guy must accept Cora for who she is. Not just the choices that she had made to ferret out secrets to save their countrymen, but not to stifle her, and acknowledge her as an equal in their organization. Terror, heart-wrenching fear, and an all-consuming passion are only the beginning of the path that Cora and Guy must blaze to find a future together.

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