Flirting With Fortune

Sealed With a Kiss Series - Book 3

By Erin Knightley

Signet Eclipse - September 2013

Historical Romance

If there was one thing Lady Beatrice Moore couldn't abide, it was a fortune hunter. She had witnessed the misfortune of one friend trapped in a marriage with such a fiend. Not only did she vow to avoid such a fate for herself, but she intended to protect other uninformed ladies.

If there was one thing Sir Colin Tate couldn't abide, it was that circumstances had put him in the position of being a fortune hunter. Oh, he had no intention of deceiving any potential brides, but if he couldn't find the means to cover his late father's debts, not only he, but also his siblings and grandmother, would lose their home. There was to be a final exhibit to honor his father, but Colin needed to focus on courting.

If only his father had managed money better. He'd been a celebrated artist, but hadn't fully leveraged his position to secure the estate. Colin may not fully understand his father's passion, but he appreciated anyone who loved his father's work. And Lady Beatrice was one such artist. She snuck away to view his paintings, and Colin was more than willing to set up a personal showing of the upcoming exhibit. Initially, he feels that he can't court Beatrice, she is too wealthy. After spending time with her, he realizes that he cannot consider any other as a bride. Even better, it appeared that perhaps Beatrice might be agreeable to an offer from him.

But only if she doesn't learn he is a fortune hunter.

Flirting With Fortune is the third in Erin Knightley's Sealed With a Kiss series. We had met Beatrice previously, and she had immediately shown herself to be resourceful in spying and interfering, lovingly, in her siblings' lives. I was eager for her to meet her match, and what a perfect match Colin is. He is considerate, the son of her idol, and he loves her. He is the perfect hero for her... if only there wasn't the tiny little issue of the estate. I loved watching them fall in love, the interaction with her family, and the mischief Beatrice continues to gift. It was difficult to sympathize with her during the conflict, but only because Colin was such a wonderful hero. He deserved her love - not her doubt! I hope we revisit the Moore family, and possibly Colin's siblings, again in the future.

Kathy Andrico -

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