Hot and Irresistible

Savannah Series - Book 2

By Dianne Castell

Brava - November 2009

Contemporary Romance

They were four friends, all orphans, and closer than sisters. They lived in, and loved their city of Savannah, Georgia. They had made a pact, not to look at their pasts, and to embrace the families they had become part of.

Bebe Fitzgerald was a cop with an old case she needed to solve. A cold case involving a missing necklace and murder was no longer so cold. The morgue, where the investigation always returned, was rumored to be haunted, but the threat to her friends was very real. She protected her friends, always. And as for the ghosts, well, this was Savannah, and there were ghosts just about everywhere.

Donovan McCabe was a cop who had come to Savannah for one purpose, to put Ray Cleveland behind bars for illegal gambling operations. It didn't matter that Ray helped the community, that was just his way to keep the law looking the other way. Bebe was a perfect example. She was gung ho with solving a decades old case, but ferociously defended Ray against every piece of evidence Donovan found. They were equally combustible together, but Donovan was a good cop, and he would never look the other way when a crime was being committed. He knew that if he was able to catch Ray, he would lose Bebe, forever.

BrieAnn Montgomery wanted Beau Cleveland. Unfortunately, Beau seemed to continually push her away. Enough was enough, she was going to take matters into her own hands. It wasn't that Beau didn't want Brie, he did. There was just the little problem that seemed to happen during intimacy. He was certain he was cursed and must have crossed the wrong woman in his past. Also, Brie's parents didn't want them together, and her father's position as judge, and his own father's not-so-legal activities was another challenge. With so many forces against them, only love would be able to prove victorious.

Hot and Irresistible is the sexy conclusion of romances of mystery in Dianne Castell's two book series set in Savannah. Four friends finding love. An unsolved murder. A missing necklace. Mysteries that were introduced in Hot and Bothered finally solved. Two remaining friends who find their perfect matches. Fast paced, humorous, a bit suspenseful, and full of lively characters who engage the readers into wanting to visit Savannah, Ms Castell's Hot series was a true delight.

Kathy Andrico -


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