Dragon Bound

The Elder Races Series - Book 1

By Thea Harrison

Berkely Sensation - May 2011

Paranormal Romance

Pia Giovanni did not have a choice. Her life had depended on stealing from Dragos Cuelebre. It wouldn't matter that it was only a coin, she knew her life would now be forfeit. After all, everyone knew it was akin to suicide to steal from a dragon.

Dragos was beyond furious. Someone had broken through his defenses and stolen from him. It didn't matter what the item was. They must pay. But first, he would need to identify the thief, and learn what he could about them.

What he learned only intrigued him further. And when he finally had his hands on the culprit, he didn't want to remove them for reasons other than anger. But dangerous enemies were after them both, and Dragos would need every bit of his skills to rescue himself and Pia. For now that his thief was in his grasp, he had no intention of letting her go.

Dragon Bound is an exciting introduction to Thea Harrison's Elder Races series. Dragos is a powerful ancient, with a vast empire and few who oppose him. He is quite intrigued by Pia. Not only with her ability to pass through his protective defenses, but with the secrets he senses in her. Always surrounded by his court, he has nonetheless been alone without a mate for eons. Pia had been taught by her mother not to trust, but had grown weary of being alone. Unfortunately, trusting the wrong person had put her in a position that she was being chased by a dragon. These are two lonely souls who are perfect for one another. With a dragon, elves, goblins, gryphons and more, we have only had a mere glimpse into this rich new world that I am very eager to visit again, and again.

Kathy Andrico - KathysReviewCorner.com