The Baron Next Door

Prelude To a Kiss Series - Book 1

By Erin Knightley

Signet Eclipse - June 2014

Historical Romance

Charity Effington was so thankful to be able to stay in Bath with her Grandmama. She didn't have to worry about another failed season, or her failed engagement. She could focus on the excitement of Bath, and the upcoming music festival. She could play to her heart's content the music that was in her soul.

Hugh Danby, the new Baron Cadgwith, had been urged to see if the healing abilities of the waters in Bath could work with him. Although the soothing warmth seemed to be helping, nothing could overcome the infernal racket of his neighbor. Her pounding away on that blasted instrument could inflict pain unlike anyone could imagine. For although he had slight external scarring, it was the internal injuries that caused him the most pain. And while some of his acquaintance might understand megrims, his blinding attacks could last days.

So, with such differing views on such a key issue, it isn't any wonder that since they are both staying in attached residences that their encounters are not quite as courteous as good manners would dictate. In fact, all lessons on how to interact properly with a Baron seems to evaporate whenever Charity comes face to face with the man.

The Baron Next Door is simply divine. I tend to love the wounded hero, and Hugh is wounded, even though most can never imagine his pain. Yet it is his tenderness and earnest wish for Charity to have all the best that will endear him to any reader. For he is certain that the best can never be him. This is the first in Erin Knightley's new Prelude to a Kiss series and follows her Sealed With a Kiss series. Although we had met Charity and seen her engagement end in the previous series, this book does stand on its own. Except that once anyone reads it - they, like I, will be eager for the next.

Kathy Andrico -

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