High Stakes

By J. T. Schultz

The Wild Rose Press - 2007

Contemporary Romance

For two years, Colby McCormick had regretted his departure from Barstow, but more importantly from Danni Shelton. She had been the woman he had planned to spend the rest of his life with, but after one conversation he had left without a word. Now he was back, hoping to learn that what he had believed were truths may actually be lies, and that there might still be a chance for explanations and a reconciliation.

Danni had never gotten over Colby's betrayal and abandonment, but that didn't mean that she would welcome him back. She had absolutely no intention of allowing his lies to sway her again. He could pay his respects for the death of her grandmother, and leave. The fact that his father and brother, and even her own brother were all willing to overlook past transgressions would not influence her in the least.

High Stakes was a touching, poignant reunion romance between two people desperately in need of one another. Although I thought Colby's reason for leaving Danni to be lame, there is no question as to the depth of his regret over past actions. Even before he learns the truth of the past, he still wishes to reconcile with Danni. Danni, meanwhile, had been left to face the town without Colby. J. T. Schultz has written a story where the pain that these two characters feel is palpable, and as a reader, I felt invested in having them find their way back together. This is not only a "keeper", but a definite "re-reader"!

Kathy Andrico - KathysReviewCorner.com