Wrong Side Of Town

By Cindy Spencer Pape

Resplendence Publishing - November 2011

Contemporary Romance

Zack Shannon had returned home, but after two decades in the military, he wasn't sure what to make of civilian life. He still had nightmares of combat, and he had no intentions of stepping on his brother's toes. Quinn had already taken over responsibilities of the ranch, and even if Zack was older, that was fine. But it left Zack uncertain to his future, but his father wasn't. Sheriff Walter Shannon needed a new chief deputy, and he was determined that Zack follow in his footsteps.

Zack wasn't averse to entering law enforcement, it seemed a natural direction after being an MP, but he had no intention of taking the assignment as familial favoritism. The other deputies would be certain to resent him. Instead, he'd take his time, learn the ropes, and wait.

Those were the same plans he found himself plotting when it came to Laney Burroughs. Laney was nothing like her older sister Nina had been, and she still was trying to prove that to so many in the community. Now, her nephew, Nina's son Parker, was also enduring cynicsm, closed-minded comments and scorn. Just because he chose to be goth. That did NOT mean he was out committing crimes, or inciting fights, and she was determined that any police officer who came knocking at their door would get a piece of her mind.

But Zack didn't think like so many of the others in town. He didn't consider her trash. He didn't think that goth meant delinquent. And he definitely didn't think Laney wasn't good enough for him.

Wrong Side of Town was a touching romance of healing but still sizzled with passion. Zack and Laney were a perfect match, and heroes in their own right. Zack was a hero, having been on the front lines in the military, and now working to uncover the truth. Laney was a heroine protecting her nephew from prejudice. I loved the cast of characters - so many, but each distinct and memorable. I would like to revisit Hawthorne, Texas again.

Kathy Andrico - KathysReviewCorner.com


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