How To Seduce a Texan

By Karen Kelley

Brava - June 2009

Contemporary Romance

Nikki Scott wasn't called "The Barracuda" for nothing. She attacked, and sunk the big fish, by writing articles that brought down politicians. So why was she sitting in the middle of nowhere milking a cow? Instead of her normal assignments, her boss had asked her to write a "fluff" piece on Cal Braxton. The Cal Braxton. Hot. Sexy. Athletic. A football star who had just broken up with his fiancee, and her boss wanted the story.

Cal was intrigued by Nikki from the moment he heard her voice, then he learned the real reason she was here. She wanted a story? Well, he'd give her a story. She said she could take anything, and was working on a book? Well, what was better than the old homestead that didn't have electricity or running water, and was even rumored to have a ghost.

Cal intended to make Nikki pay. Nikki intended to prove she could handle any challenge Cal presented. Neither anticipated finding love.

How to Seduce a Texan was a sexy read Texas style. Cal and Nikki are more than willing to succumb to their attraction, but are both determined to fight any deeper emotional connection. There is also an equally touching secondary romance involving Cal's younger brother Brian. Finally, Karen Kelley rounds out this story with a touch of an "is there, or isn't there" ghost story that will entertain readers to the very last page.

Kathy Andrico -