Instant Frontier Family

Frontier Bachelors - Book 4

Love Inspired Historical

By Regina Scott

January 2016

Inspirational Historical Western Romance

Maddie O'Rourke had eagerly anticipated the arrival of the ship that had just arrived. Finally, after leaving her half siblings behind to travel west, they were joining her. She had paid for a woman to accompany them, and this lady would now take over her laundry jobs while she focused on her new business. A bakery. And then there was the first of many surprises. A woman did not step foot off the ship with Ciara and Aiden. Then, Ciara announced this stranger was her fiance. Maddie knew for a fact that she was not engaged, and she had never met this Michael Haggerty before.

Michael had needed to leave New York, and his aunt had offered the perfect opportunity. He knew Maddie expected a woman, but he was determined to repay his debt of passage. He also wanted to remain in Ciara and Aiden's lives, as they had grown close during the trip. Maddie was a very independent woman, and she had no compunction of sharing her expectations with him. He easily accepted the work she gave him. It was harder to step back and not interfere with how she handled Ciara and Aiden. But as time passed and Michael's respect for Maggie grew, so did his attraction to her. So it was her last expectation that he wanted to break. She had no intention of marrying, and marriage to Maggie, and making the four of them a family in this new frontier, was exactly what Michael wanted most.

Instant Frontier Family was a sweet romance in a fascinating setting. It was interesting to see a young female entrepreneur strive to make a success of her business. I enjoyed the environment and seeing individuals go about their daily lives. Most of all, it was touching to watch the romance between Maddie and Michael develop.

Kathy Andrico -


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