KRC's Fifth Anniversary!

January 2012


WOW! Kathy's Review Corner is celebrating its fifth anniversary. Unfortunately, for the past couple years, I've not been able to read or review as much as I have in the past although I expect that to change soon. Still, in the past year, there have been some great memorable reads! Below is a list of some of the highlights from last year.

Please consider joining my announcements group. Various authors have contributed and there will be a few fantastic prize packages that will be awarded to members of my announcements group as of 1/31/12.


KRC 2011 Gems

Lori Foster & Dianne Castell's Reader Author Get-Together 2011

Promise of Love Anthology - The Promise of Love Anthology

Romantic Times 2011 (LA)

Pamela Clare - Breaking Point

Sylvia Day - Razor's Edge

Kate Douglas - Dime Store Cowboy

Lori Foster - Men Who Walk the Edge of Honor Series

Lori Foster - Shelter From the Storm

Susan Grant - The Last Warrior

Jacquie Greenfield - Colorado Pride

Dani Harper - Changeling Moon

Sherrilyn Kenyon - No Mercy

Cindy Spencer Pape - Motor City Witch

Cindy Spencer Pape - Motor City Wolf

Nalini Singh - Archangel's Blade






I truly enjoy sharing my love of reading. This site was started to allow me to share some of my favorite books. I hope that if you look around and find that you agree with some of my selections (see my reviews), that you will return and hopefully find new authors. I plan on having periodic "Recommended Reads" lists that will include books I recommend, as well as suggestions by visitors to this site. I will also keep you up-to-date on different upcoming events, special offers, etc.

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My Personal Disclaimer

Boy Meets Girl, They Fall in Love, and the two of them live Happily Ever After. This is the content for any book I believe is a true Romance Genre novel. The books that I recommend, or have reviews posted for will follow that format, unless I note otherwise. Granted we may know the outcome of a Romance Genre Novel, but it is the journey the characters take that is the reason we read these books. The Happily Ever After doesn't mean they're all vampires... Just means that the future is open to them, even if it is set 500 years in the past - we don't need to know their final chapter in life. At times I have have Recommend Reads by visitors to this site - I cannot guarantee that they meet my criteria for a Romance Genre Novel.