Tori Carrington


"Our favorite time of day is morning when we linger over coffee, reflecting on what came the day before, planning what we'd like to accomplish that day...and, of course, discussing what to fix for dinner, which is always at 1:00 p.m. and is always a full blown affair including Greek wine and feta and fresh cut Greek salad. On tap today is yemista - rice and mint stuffed peppers, tomatoes and eggplant. I can smell it cooking now. It's a wonder I can concentrate at all. Now you know why food plays such a huge role in most of our books..."

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Non-Series Titles

A Stitch in Time

Legal Briefs Series

#1 - A Stranger's Touch - Harl Bl # 37

Old Orchard Series

#1 - The Woman For Dusty Conrad - Sil Sp Ed # 1427

Sofie Metropolis Series - Disclaimer - Not Romance!

#1 - Sofie Metropolis
#2 - Dirty Laundry
#3 - Foul Play
#4 - Working Stiff