Foul Play

Sophie Metropolis Series - Book 3

Disclaimer - This is Not a Romance Genre Series

By Tori Carrington

Forge - June 2007

Contemporary Mystery

Things haven't changed much for Sofie Metropolis, or at least not in the past six months since she'd dropped her ex-fiance and started working for her uncle as a PI. She still has the pile of unreturned still to be unwrapped wedding gifts, and hunky Aussie Jake Porter is even more elusive than ever. Her primary cases are as a pet detective and cheating spouses, and her uncle is still unreachable in Greece. Which does allow Sofie some leeway at the office.

This time, Sofie takes on another, sure to be certain, cheating spouse case. Gisela Venezuela, the wife of the hot New York Mets switch pitcher Reni Venezuela, wanted Sofie to investigate her husband because she believed there was something wrong. He wasn't acting the same and was forgetting things. Yup, sure signs of another cheating spouse, and simple, easy money.

Only, nothing ever is simple or easy when it comes to Sofie Metropolis.

Foul Play is another winner for Tori Carrington. Sofie is becoming quite the investigator, and bringing familiar characters into the field with her. She also has a new love interest who is (gasp) a Greek! Continuing storylines from the previous two books are minimal, but I would still recommend starting with the first story, Sofie Metropolis. Be sure to check out the recipes at the back, it has two of my favorites - Galatoboureko (a fantastic dessert) and Pasticcio which is rather like lasagna.

Kathy Andrico -