Sofie Metropolis

Sophie Metropolis Series - Book 1

Disclaimer - This is Not a Romance Genre Series

By Tori Carrington

Forge - June 2005

Contemporary Mystery

We all know what good Greek girls are supposed to do (& if you don't, go rent My Big Fat Greek Wedding!). Then, there is what Sofie Metropolis does. She dumps her fiancee at the alter (but only because he was a little too friendly with the maid of honor). Then she has the audacity to stop working in either her dad's or papou's (grandfather's) restaurants to work for her uncle as a PI.

Sofie Metropolis, P.I. A private investigator, a promising detective, a sleuth who would help rid the world of wrongdoers. Granted the only wrongdoing she was investigating so far was the occasional missing pet, local vampire, or cheating spouse, but Sofie knew that her big break was coming.

Then her big break came - only the big break she got was her brother's camera breaking by... were those real bullets?! One minute she's on another cheating spouse case, and suddenly she's in the middle of an honest-to-goodness who-dun-it mystery with FBI agents on her heels, disappearing bodies, and a sexy Aussie hunk of a guy who not only carries rugs (concealing bodies??) but is willing to check out under her hood... Granted it's only her car he's checking out, but who knows what time will bring.

The husband and wife team writing as Tori Carrington have developed a laugh out loud, granted to please mystery that is a definite "don't put it down" page turner. I not only loved the main character, but I thoroughly enjoyed all the secondary characters as well as the insight to the Greek culture. Therefore, I say to anyone who wants to enjoy a comedic mystery, Greeks, and even you "wish to be Greeks" (again, read the book!), join together and Read Sofie!

Then try out the recipes for delicious Greek cuisine at the end of the book.

Kathy Andrico -