Working Stiff

Sophie Metropolis Series - Book 4

Disclaimer - This is Not a Romance Genre Series

By Tori Carrington

Forge - September 2008

Contemporary Mystery

Poor Sofie, she can't even go to the viewing of a deceased Greek she had never met without being asked by someone to take a case. This time, trying to find the body of said Greek.

Nobody ever said that the life of a Greek-American Private Investigator, or PI in training, was easy.

Case in point, her newest big, and probably hopeless, case. Or maybe it was just because the accused murderer had already been caught, and was about to be tried. He had already been convicted in the minds of everyone, including every other private investigator in town.

Which is why the sister of the accused had come to Sofie. She was certain that her brother, Little Johnny, had not killed his girlfriend, and wanted Sofie to find the real killer. Sofie knew it was probably a lost cause, but she understood the love of a sister for her brother, so accepted the case.

Then there was her neighbor's request, trying to figure out who her office assistant was dating, and why her dog was acting so weird.

Again, just an average day in the life of Sofie Metropolis, PI.

Working Stiff was another thrilling installment in the life and cases of Sofie Metropolis. As always, watching the interaction between the characters - her family, friends, and neighbors - was a delight. Although you can read this book alone, I would still recommend reading this series in order due to the references of prior cases, and the emotional turmoil of Sofie with the man she is with, versus the man she thinks about. As a purely romance reader, that is the only part of the series that drives me nuts, while still makes me utterly anxious for the next one to find out what happens next.

Kathy Andrico -