Dirty Laundry

Sophie Metropolis Series - Book 2

Disclaimer - This is Not a Romance Genre Series

By Tori Carrington

Forge - May 2006

Contemporary Mystery

Sophie's back, and she's getting into trouble. Actually, it's her mom and fellow Greeks that cause her most of her misery. Since becoming a private investigator, her mom seemed to find all types of mysteries for her to solve - usually involving missing pets. This time, her mom casually mentions that Apostolis Pappas, who owned the local dry cleaners, is missing. As Sophie starts to investigate, and her favorite hunk from down under tries to steer her clear of this investigation, Sophie begins to wonder if the dry cleaners owner laundered more than just clothes.

But possible mafia business is not all Sophie finds herself involved with. There is a missing ferret, court papers that need to be served to a person who seems to be slipperier than an eel, and there is a new Greek in town Sophie considers possible brother-in-law material. Hey - she can't help it, she's Greek, and her younger sister's single. Oh, and Sophie's mom has another case. She wants Sophie to investigate her own father to see if he is cheating. OPA!!

The husband and wife writing team known as Tori Carrington have made their mark in the mystery genre. Sophie Metropolis, which is the name of the heroine and the title of the first book, is funny, lively, intrepid, and fiercely loyal to her family and Greek roots. I can't wait to see what happens next.

Kathy Andrico - ReaderToReader.com