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March 2014


I must make a confession - I loved the Alpha Brotherhood men. Rich. Attractive. At the top of their fields. A hint (or more) of Bad Boy (or rather - somewhat reformed). And they each fall utterly in love with their heroines.

I had read the first story, An Inconveient Affair when it had been released. Immediately wanted more in the series, but alas, had to wait. And (another confession), I hate to wait. So I did decide to postpone reading the next story until they were all out.

Well, if you read the first paragraph, you can tell I love this series. I hope that this corner will intrigue you too.

Below I have my 3 Q & A for Ms Mann followed by the beginning of the reviews for each story in this series.

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Your stories sometimes cross series. Do you expect to return to a different group of friends from the military school?

You are so right that I do enjoy bringing back characters from other stories. It seems most of my books are linked in some way! So yes, I can absolutely envision going back to the Alpha Brotherhood world for another trilogy of friends later on down the road.


Would you consider doing a story for the Colonel?

Now that is an intriguing question - and you're not the first to ask. I have to confess I was surprised when people starting sending me requests for the Colonel's story. But those request started my mind churning with ideas. So we shall see .... ;)


The settings in this series are quite varied and exotic. Were you able to add some travel expenses for "research"?

LOL! I wish!! I traveled overseas before I was married and have traveled the US during our many military moves. But since I live on the Florida coast - a vacation spot - most of our family gatherings tend to be right here at home. Although my husband and I did recently manage to slip away to Miami and the Florida Keys! Totally amazing!! Can't wait to go back!




#1 - An Inconvenient Affair It had simply been wrong judgment in a man. Unfortunately, that man had been involved in illegal activities, and now Hillary Wright had to identify other accomplices, while proving her innocence. It should have been rather simple. Fly to Chicago, finger point, and go back home to her simple life. She should have known it would never be that simple. Troy Donavan had wanted to get to know Hillary before their sting operation, and he was certain she was innocent - a lamb among the wolves. Click here for full review.



#2 - All Or Nothing Conrad Hughes had swept Jayne off her feet. They had married, but his happily ever after was destroyed the day Jayne walked out the door. He had kept secrets from her. Primarily that when he was away, he was working for Interpol. He had hoped by keeping it secret, he would keep her safe. Instead the secrets had destroyed their marriage. Jayne had returned to the casino that had once been her home for one purpose - to serve Conrad with their divorce papers. Click here for full review.



#3 - Playing For Keeps Celia Patel had moved forward from her past, but that didn't mean it was forgotten. It was hard to forget her first love. The boy who had been the father of the child they had given up for adoption. The teen who had gone to a military prep school for a crime she was certain he hadn't committed, then gone on to become an international famous singer. She never expected to see him anywhere other than on television, on the cover of magazines, or hear him on the radio. See him walk into the classroom where she taught music? Not on that list. Click here for full review.



#4 - Yuletide Baby Surprise Dr Mariama Mandara was at the beachside resort for a professional conference. Unfortunately, her other position had its own extensive list of requirements - that as princess, only child to a king in Africa. Now, she only wanted to escape the paparazzi that was pursuing her. However, she made a slight miscalculation, and found herself at the mercy of her professional adversary. Click here for full review.



#5 - For the Sake of Their Son Through the horrible upbringing he'd endured, then being sent away to military school, and becoming one of the world's top race car drivers, Elliot Starc had always had one constant. His best friend Lucy Ann Joyner. Even dating, and being engaged, with other women, he knew he could always count on Lucy Ann to never let him down. Until that one night together. Then she had fled, never to return. Click here for full review.




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