All Or Nothing

The Alpha Brotherhood Series - Book 2

Harlequin Desire #2203

By Catherine Mann

January 2013

Contemporary Romance

Conrad Hughes had swept Jayne off her feet. They had married, but his happily ever after was destroyed the day Jayne walked out the door. He had kept secrets from her. Primarily that when he was away, he was working for Interpol. He had hoped by keeping it secret, he would keep her safe. Instead the secrets had destroyed their marriage.

Jayne had returned to the casino that had once been her home for one purpose - to serve Conrad with their divorce papers. She had expected him to be obstinate. After all, they had been separated for three years and he had refused to accept the paperwork. What she hadn't expected was to finally learn the truth of Conrad's disappearances - and that she would have to go into hiding with him due to a potential threat.

She wasn't surprised that the attraction was still there between them. Although she hadn't anticipated it being stronger than before.

All Or Nothing is a sexy reunion story. Perhaps Conrad and Jayne's marriage would not have needed a separation to reunite them if they had communicated and gotten to know each other a bit more before their marriage. Three long years have passed since Jayne left Conrad, and that was sad considering how much they both loved each other. I enjoyed watching them go through this second courtship, adjust to the people they are now, and deepen their love for one another.

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