For the Sake of Their Son

The Alpha Brotherhood Series - Book 5

Harlequin Desire #2275

By Catherine Mann

January 2014

Contemporary Romance

Through the horrible upbringing he'd endured, then being sent away to military school, and becoming one of the world's top race car drivers, Elliot Starc had always had one constant. His best friend Lucy Ann Joyner. Even dating, and being engaged, with other women, he knew he could always count on Lucy Ann to never let him down.

Until that one night together. Then she had fled, never to return. He may have proposed to another woman on the rebound, but that had quickly ended. Now Elliot was surrounded by his best friends setting up house with women they loved and babies both here and on the way, but that wasn't the life for Elliot.

Until one day when his world shatters. He sees Lucy Ann again, and learns exactly what, or rather who, she had kept hidden from him.

For the Sake of Their Son was another reunion story in this series, but it was more a story of forgiveness between two friends who had both hurt each other. First, of course, there is the fact that Lucy Ann hid not only her pregnancy, but the birth of their child. Elliot loses the first few months of Eli's life, and that is time he can never have. This is obviously a big issue, but even more so knowing of Lucy Ann and Elliot's long friendship. It is difficult to feel sympathy towards a woman who could do that - regardless of her motivation. Catherine Mann, however, is able to work her writing magic and although Lucy Ann's actions towards Elliot could never be condoned, readers can understand and forgive her.

Kathy Andrico -