Playing For Keeps

The Alpha Brotherhood Series - Book 3

Harlequin Desire #2221

By Catherine Mann

June 2013

Contemporary Romance

Celia Patel had moved forward from her past, but that didn't mean it was forgotten. It was hard to forget her first love. The boy who had been the father of the child they had given up for adoption. The teen who had gone to a military prep school for a crime she was certain he hadn't committed, then gone on to become an international famous singer. She never expected to see him anywhere other than on television, on the cover of magazines, or hear him on the radio. See him walk into the classroom where she taught music? Not on that list.

Malcolm Douglas had never forgotten the girl he had loved, or the child he had given up. He hadn't wanted to do either, but when faced with serving time for a crime he hadn't committed, he knew he had nothing to offer either of them. But he'd used his extensive resources, financial and through his work for Interpol, to keep tabs. And the moment he learned that Celia's life was in danger, he used those resources to keep her safe.

Go to her. Take her with him. And maybe, find resolution from their past and a future together.

Playing For Keeps is a reunion story nearly two decades in the making. Both Celia and Malcolm needed to grow into the adults their teenaged selves had the potential of being. Although it was somewhat sad it had to take almost twenty years of them being separated for this to occur. As always, it was entertaining to see others from the Alpha Brotherhood and their women - and I look forward to those whose stories are yet to come.

Kathy Andrico -