An Inconvenient Affair

The Alpha Brotherhood Series - Book 1

Harlequin Desire #2173

By Catherine Mann

August 2012

Contemporary Romance

It had simply been wrong judgment in a man. Unfortunately, that man had been involved in illegal activities, and now Hillary Wright had to identify other accomplices, while proving her innocence. It should have been rather simple. Fly to Chicago, finger point, and go back home to her simple life. She should have known it would never be that simple.

Troy Donavan had wanted to get to know Hillary before their sting operation, and he was certain she was innocent - a lamb among the wolves. He worried that she could get hurt in the crossfire. The men they were after wanted to keep their activities hidden, and wouldn't be above going after her if necessary. Troy had no intention of allowing anything to happen to Hillary. First, he would make sure he was close to her all weekend, and then whisk her away to his private world.

Finally, he would try to convince her to stay there forever.

An Inconvenient Affair is a quick paced read with exotic places, romance, and characters I am eager to see again. Understandably, Hillary is hesitant to start a relationship with Troy. Everyone knew his past, as well as his present exploits. Although his past was true, the present was mostly a cover. He was willing to use his position for good. He had also formed strong bonds with his friends, bonds that had them stepping in to help with their unique abilities. I am certain each one will have their own story, and look forward to them all.

Kathy Andrico -


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