Angels' Flight Anthology

April 2012





Nalini Singh is a master storyteller who, with each new story, pulls her readers deeper into the worlds she creates. Angels' Flight is a perfect example of this, and also the perfect book to buy as an introduction into the series. Although the stories are set staggered throughout the series, they do stand on their own.

As a reader who was already a fan of the series, I was thrilled to learn of this anthology. At last, Angels' Pawn was being released in print. Then, Noel, who we had met briefly in previous books, would meet his mate in Angel's Wolf. Finally, in Angels' Dance, we would go centuries into the past and see how someone who appeared as remote as Galen was able to woo and win Jessamy, the delicate teacher all angels held dear. Angels' Judgment is also in the anthology, although I had read and reviewed it before.




Angels' Pawn is a short story of one of the Guild Hunters, and her interaction with vampires and angels in this world. It was originally published as a prequel, but I read it after Archangel's Blade. I was already aware of the chaotic relationship between Janvier and Ashwini, and it was thrilling to see a glimpse into one of their escapades. However, this is not a romance, there is no resolution to their relationship, and I probably would have been a bit less receptive to this if I had read this when originally published. Now, I just hope that Nalini Singh plans to bring Ashwini and her Cajun together - soon.

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Angels' Judgment may be a short story, but is packed with romance, mystery, angels and vampires. It is actually set before Angels' Blood, so it was fun going back to see Sara meet and fall in love with Deacon.

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Angel's Wolf brings love to a vampire who had been shattered and reformed, but finally becomes whole with confidence in himself, and the love of an angel. I was so happy when I heard that the vampire who had been viciously mutilated earlier in the series would have his own story. Noel had been a minor character in the series, but we had heard of his attack and healing. I loved watching as he stepped into the court, took charge, firmly established his right to be there and took hold his position. The mystery deftly intermingled with the growing attraction between Noel and Nimra. I cried, laughed and cheered, as I am certain any reader will do.

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Angels' Dance is a courtship between two who are the epitome of contradiction. Galen is powerful, in strength, will, and intent. Jessamy is gentle, frail in appearance, and pained by the knowledge that the skies are lost to her. Their romance is a steady courtship, with Jessamy learning to spread her wings and Galen establishing himself as an integral part of Raphael's court. I simply adored everything about Angels' Dance, watching a group of individuals, angels and vampires alike, who we know later become a cohesive group known as Raphael's Seven, witnessing everyday life in the Refuge, enjoying Illium's antics, and watching the steady growth of a love that will last the millennium to come.

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