Angel's Wolf

Guild Hunter - Book 7

Short Story in Angels of Darkness Anthology

By Nalini Singh

Berkley - October 2011

Reissued Short Story in Angels' Flight Anthology

Berkley - March 2012

Urban Fantasy Romance

Due to the complex world building and continuing storylines, it is recommended to read this series in order. However, regarding the romance between Noel and Nimra, this story does stand on its own.

Noel had been broken. Attacked, brutalized, almost destroyed. Only his strength had allowed him to regenerate. He must be considered lacking to be sent away from The Tower to work in the court of Nimra. He should not be surprised, how could he expect there to be faith in his abilities when he had little in them himself?

Nimra's court was a contradiction at nearly every level. She wasn't an ancient angel, but held power that terrified even the most brutal of her kind. Noel had expected her estate to scream with the pain of her victims. Instead, he found an efficient court built on loyalty, not fear. Fealty to their mistress from years of, could it possibly be caring?

And the real reason he had been sent to Nimra? Not due to a lack of confidence in him. No, only he had doubted himself. A mystery needed solved in Nimra's court, and Noel was the one to determine who was Nimra's betrayer. And as Noel unravels the bonds that tightly link them all together, like everyone else in her court, Noel finds himself drawn to Nimra. But unlike with the others, Nimra is turning to him as well.

Angel's Wolf brings love to a vampire who had been shattered and reformed, but finally becomes whole with confidence in himself, and the love of an angel. I was so happy when I heard that the vampire who had been viciously mutilated earlier in the series would have his own story. Noel had been a minor character in the series, but we had heard of his attack and healing. I loved watching as he stepped into the court, took charge, firmly established his right to be there and took hold his position. The mystery deftly intermingled with the growing attraction between Noel and Nimra. I cried, laughed and cheered, as I am certain any reader will do.

Kathy Andrico -

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