Angels' Judgment

Guild Hunter - Book 3

By Nalini Singh

Berkley - September 2009

Reissued Short Story in Angels' Flight Anthology

Berkley - March 2012

Urban Fantasy Romance

Sara Haziz was a Guild Hunter, but her position had suddenly changed. She was now in line to become director of the American chapter, but that couldn't affect her immediate responsibility. She had been hired to find a vampire and return him to his master. Instead, she had a vampire, alive, but almost decapitated, and another Guild Hunter asking questions.

Deacon was the Slayer, hunter of the hunters. He was the one assigned to track rogue hunters. Sara's assignment was a lucky vampire, he had met a killer, but lived. Someone was killing vampires, and that person might just be another hunter. It was up to Deacon and Sara to identify this person, no matter who they were. At the same time, Deacon needed to help Sara as she would probably be tested. But it would be Deacon himself that would prove to be the biggest test Sara would face. They might be able to come together now, but even though Sara wanted more with him, their situations wouldn't allow it.

Angels' Judgment may be a short story, but is packed with romance, mystery, angels and vampires. It is actually set before Angels' Blood, so it was fun going back to see Sara meet and fall in love with Deacon. This is part of the Must Love Hellhounds Anthology.

Kathy Andrico -