Angels' Pawn

Guild Hunter - Book 1

By Nalini Singh

Penguin - March 2009

Reissued Short Story in Angels' Flight Anthology

Berkley - March 2012

Urban Fantasy

This short story was originally published solely as an eBook from Penguin. It is an introduction to the Guild Hunter series, but is not a romance.

Ashwini had hunted Janvier three times in the past. Each time, just as she was about to complete the capture, the wily vampire made peace with the angel who'd ordered the hunt. Some may consider her crazy for trusting him, but Ash knew that she and the Cajun had an unstated agreement.

Their battles would always be face to face. Ashwini was headed into a dangerous operation with players familiar to Janvier. She had gone to him for information, and found a partner willing to face the danger with her.

Angels' Pawn is a short story of one of the Guild Hunters, and her interaction with vampires and angels in this world. It was originally published as a prequel, but I read it after Archangel's Blade. I was already aware of the chaotic relationship between Janvier and Ashwini, and it was thrilling to see a glimpse into one of their escapades. However, this is not a romance, there is no resolution to their relationship, and I probably would have been a bit less receptive to this if I had read this when originally published. Now, I just hope that Nalini Singh plans to bring Ashwini and her Cajun together - soon.

Kathy Andrico -

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