Lori Foster's SBC Fighters

February 2009



Strong, muscular, "alpha" men who deliver knockouts in the ring, but turn to mush for their women. These are the heros of Lori Foster's SBC Fighter series.



Causing Havoc

No, that is not a corset on the cover, and the step back does have the hunky hero. But Havoc has no intention of playing the hero, nor does he plan on being the "big brother". After two decades, he had heard from his sisters, and had decided to go to Harmony to see them. He never anticipated meeting Eve, and slowly found himself settling in, and becoming the "big brother" - despite his best intentions. Read Review Here



Simon Says

I REALLY wish I could post the step back here, instead of the cover - but alas, I don't have it electronically - so you definitely need to get a copy of this book, if not just for that. But then, as difficult as it may be to go to the next page - the story that follows is absolutely terrific. Set once again in Harmony there is a cast of characters whom it is a pleasure to revisit. Dakota Dream has come to Harmony to find Simon, and finds almost more than she can handle...but wait! That's the next story. Simon is working on a comeback from retirement, and doesn't need a distraction like Dakota. But when Dakota is in jeopardy, Simon steps in like a perfect hero. Read Review Here



Hard To Handle

Oh yeah, now here is a great cover. Good eye catcher, plus the fighting "stance" and, shall we say, "uniform". Harley Handleman had had continual bad luck when it came to claiming a championship belt, but he was never unlucky when it came to women. But when it came to his landlady, Stasia, things were different. Learning she was in danger, Harley discovered he became different. He became a protector, and soon was losing another fight - this time outside the ring. Read Review Here



Deuces Wild

Dexter Winston - yes, one of those Winstons, this is book 10 in the Winston Series - had promised Hart, his twin, to pretend to be him. Hart needed to leave to focus on training to be a SBC fighter. It should have been simple. Dex never planned on meeting Christy - a woman he was attracted to. A woman who could tell there was something "different" about him. A woman who didn't know that he wasn't who he clamied to be. Read Review Here



My Man Michael

Yup, another great cover. The series goes in a new direction, heck a whole new century. This one is a time-travel. Michael "Mallet" Manchester, whom we'd met earlier, has been in an accident and is crippled and in pain. Kayli has come from 2220 with an offer, come with her, and he will be healed. In exchange, Kayli is looking for a warrior, and Mallet will help her people. Read Review Here



What's next in the series? Well, we can look forward to Hart Winston's story, which of course, is yet another in the Winston series. After that? Well, I can only hope that we'll return to the SBC fighter world, and maybe even revisit Harmony, visit these characters and meet new, in many, many stories to come.



I am a fan of Lori Foster - both the individual, and the author. In addition to being a great storyteller, she is active in giving back. She used to host a writer's contest which helped many unpublished authors become "Must Buy" authors for many readers. She and Dianne Castell hold a Readers and Writers Get-Together each year - which attracted over 100 authors and almost 300 total attendees in 2008. Also, in 2008, she organized The Power of Love anthology which benefitted the Hamilton Co. YWCA Battered Women's Shelter. This year, we are looking forward to reading Tails of Love anthology which will benefit AAF - AAF - Animal Adoption Foundation.

Lori has provided two copies of Scandalous (which includes reissues of Sex Appeal and Scandalized. They will be awarded to two members of my announcement loop as of Feb 28 - see the Newsletter tab for more details/shipping restrictions.






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