Hard To Handle

SBC Fighter Series - Book 3

By Lori Foster

Berkley - February 2008

Contemporary Romance

As a man, Harley Handleman wanted only one thing from women, and he made sure they knew it upfront. As an SBC Fighter, he had one goal, and that was to win the belt. Popular with the women, he almost always got what he wanted from them. Bad luck had made the belt an elusive goal, but he intended to win it. He had hoped to beat Simon "Sublime" Evans, but receiving an injury while helping protect Sublime's woman had put that once again on hold.

Anastasia Bradley knew better than to have any illusions when it came to Harley. He rented a cabin from her, and she had no intention of changing their arrangement. He could be a gentleman, and after an attack on her, he proved to be a protector. As a life coach, Stasia recognized that Harley had issues, and she had no intention of allowing these complications to distract him from his goal.

Unfortunately for Stasia, Harley's goals had now extended to her.

The sparks flew from cover to cover in Hard To Handle. Harley is an intense hero who must always maintain control. Although he has known her for awhile, Stasia has suddenly crashed through his defenses, and obliterated any semblance of control he has ever had. What I have enjoyed most in this series has been the interaction with the secondary characters that we have met in the previous stories, as well as new ones that I hope to see again.

Kathy Andrico - KathysReviewCorner.com