Causing Havoc

SBC Fighter Series - Book 1

By Lori Foster

Berkley - February 2007

Contemporary Romance

From the moment she saw him, Eve Lavon wanted him. There was something about the tall, solidly built, muscular man that drew the eyes of every woman, bruises and all. He had the look of a fighter, but the attitude of a lover. And although there was no doubt she was interested in him, Eve didn't make it a habit of picking up strangers in a bar.

Dean "Havoc" Conor had come to Harmony for one reason, to meet his sisters. He hadn't seen them in two decades, and had unexpectedly received a letter from Cam. He had no intention of suddenly becoming the "big brother". After all, if they had really wanted to see him before, they easily could have contacted him. Dean had no plans to stay, and any pleas to be family would have no influence on him, he would simply come to see them, then leave. Meeting Eve was simply an added benefit. She was friends with both his sisters, and sexy as hell.

She made a great distraction. Nothing more.

After all, he had no intentions of becoming part of a family.

Causing Havoc will cause havoc to your senses. It is funny, sexy, and is seeping with testosterone laden heroes. Not only is there a romance between Eve and Havoc, but there is suspense, in particular questions surrounding Roger and his interest in Cam. Then another fighter, Gregor, comes searching for Havoc, but finds Dean's youngest wilder sister Jacki. Causing Havoc was yet another phenomenal "can't put the book down" read, and a great introduction to Lori Foster's SBC Fighter series.

Kathy Andrico -