Simon Says

SBC Fighter Series - Book 2

By Lori Foster

Berkley - July 2007

Contemporary Romance

Little could have convinced Dakota Dream to help her step-father Barnaby. Only the promise of letters from her deceased mother convinced her to find Simon Evans. Barnaby claimed he was Simon's biological father, and only if Simon came to see him would he hand over the letters.

Simon needed to focus on training. After learning that his girlfriend of five years had cheated on him, he had moved out, and moved on from being a trainer back to being a fighter. With his first fight approaching, he didn't need distractions, especially a distraction as delectable as Dakota.

It wasn't only her oversized shirts and obvious knowledge about the sport that captivated Simon's interest. He simply enjoyed being with Dakota. Her past made Dakota cautious, and after a nasty incident, Simon is put on alert. Dakota always knew that her past would catch up to her, and although she valued her independence, she was not stupid when it came to safety. Simon has no intention of allowing anything to happen to her and was determined that she follow his protective orders.

She should do everything that Simon says... Yeah, right.

Knowing that Simon Says was the second in Lori Foster's SBC Fighter series, I had certain expectations, and it exceeded them all. It was a passionate romance with fascinating characters, included a tremendous cast of secondary characters, and had a little suspense to round out the mix. I was thrilled that the story was set in Harmony, and we got to see glimpses of the lives of the characters we met in Causing Havoc. Luckily, the third in the series is already released, and I am immediately picking up that story next.

Kathy Andrico -