My Man Michael

SBC Fighter Series - Book 5

By Lori Foster

Berkley - February 2009

Time Travel Romance

It wasn't an offer many received, but Michael "Mallet" Manchester was desperate enough to accept. Actually, he didn't truly believe Kayli Raine when she said that she was from the future, but after an accident left him crippled and in pain, Mallet accepted her offer. Suddenly, he found himself in the year 2220. Life certainly was different here. Not only was he whole again, but women were the warriors, and the men were protected at home.

Kayli had requested Michael to come aid with their battle against their enemy, but never anticipated having to fight Michael himself. He could choose any of the available females in their colony, yet he was fixated on her. She may find herself with unsettled feelings towards him, but she knew that in her position, she could never have a mate.

Michael, however, had other ideas.

My Man Michael was a fun read with a fascinating interpretation of the future. I enjoyed the conflict within the colony as Michael made his will known. I adored the romance between Michael and Kayli, as well as the secondary human, and not so human, characters. On its own, I truly adored the story.

My problem was the fact that this book is part of the SBC Fighter series. If it had been a stand alone story, or a first book in a new series, I would have been much happier. However, I had certain expectations for a book in this series, and taking Mallet, having him experience such a crippling accident, then completely removing him from the SBC Fighter world just made it difficult to start. Also, the book is being promoted as a contemporary romance, but it is only in modern day for a couple chapters.

Kathy Andrico -