Halloween and Paranormal Romances

Octber 2008


I love paranormal and science fiction romances. They facilitate an author's ability to allow their creativity the freedom to literally create new worlds, creatures, and cultures. Yet as romances, they maintain the Number One Rule - the obligatory HEA.

Last October, I discussed the "The Return of the Paranormal Romances". I mentioned how I've seen the almost disappearance of the sub-genre, to now where it is one of the most popular. What I want to do this month is simply mention some favorites that might add some reading enjoyment to your Halloween Season.

If your Halloween won't be complete without a romance involving ghosts, then I would like to recommend Supernatural Love by Jeanine Berry, (Please see my review!)






Perhaps you are more in the mood for witches and curses. Well Bewitching the Bachelor by Suzanne Marie Calvin, has both. (Please see my review!)






Some of us dress up for Halloween in our office, and wouldn't you think that somebody dressed as a knight was simply in costume? Well, that isn't the case for Kaylee, who ended up being "rescued" from her truck by such a man. A Knight's Wish by Linda Andrews, was a very delightful Time-Travel romance. (Please see my review!)



There is a certain allure to paranormals involving the were. Perhaps it is the fact that you never know which animals are truly animals, and which may be human in disguise. Such is the case for the heroine in Dani Harper's Heart of the Winter Wolf. (Please see my review!) And may I say that I am impatient for additional stories for this series.



Last, I leave you with an ultimate Halloween must - the Vampire Romance. However, if you are looking for gore, gothic tone, or a brooding vampire hero - sorry to disappoint. Instead, it is a funny, very tongue-in-cheek, entertaining romance with two members of the P.L.A.S.M.A. agency - Double O'Fang agent Pierce De Vein and Kitty Kat from the Shifter Division. Dr. Gnome. (Please see my review!) is the start of a series that I eagerly await.






I truly enjoy sharing my love of reading. This site was started to allow me to share some of my favorite books. I hope that if you look around and find that you agree with some of my selections (see my reviews), that you will return and hopefully find new authors. I plan on having periodic "Recommended Reads" lists that will include books I recommend, as well as suggestions by visitors to this site. I will also keep you up-to-date on different upcoming events, special offers, etc.

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My Personal Disclaimer

Boy Meets Girl, They Fall in Love, and the two of them live Happily Ever After. This is the content for any book I believe is a true Romance Genre novel. The books that I recommend, or have reviews posted for will follow that format, unless I note otherwise. Granted we may know the outcome of a Romance Genre Novel, but it is the journey the characters take that is the reason we read these books. The Happily Ever After doesn't mean they're all vampires... Just means that the future is open to them, even if it is set 500 years in the past - we don't need to know their final chapter in life. At times I have have Recommend Reads by visitors to this site - I cannot guarantee that they meet my criteria for a Romance Genre Novel.