A Knight's Wish

By Linda Andrews

Zumaya Publications - 2007

Time Travel/Paranormal Romance

The high point of a rather miserable day was being "rescued" in her car. Kaylee'd had one challenge after another thrust at her, and she was glad to be finally going home when a madman attacks her truck and whisks her out.

While escaping from the evil Gerand, Malcolm, who was a Knight of the Living Five, had inexplicably been sent with his two children into the future. After rescuing a damsel in distress, the three of them go with Kaylee to her home where he plans to protect her from the others who have been sent forward by Gerand.

Malcolm knows that he does not belong here. The roads are solid, people ride inside beasts, and it is his duty to return to the past to dispose of Gerand and his men.

I simply loved reading A Knight's Wish and absolutely did not want to be interrupted while reading it. Watching Malcolm and his children adapt to this time period was entertaining, particularly Malcolm's opinion of vehicles. This was a fast-paced pleasure of a read, and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys time travel, a dash of medieval, some paranormal, and a little comedy all set in a contemporary romance.

Kathy Andrico - TheRoadToRomance.ca