Bewitching the Bachelor

By Suzanne Marie Calvin

Amber Quill Press - March 2007

Paranormal Romance

Luke Hale had a death threat hanging over his head. It hadn't been specifically directed to him, but the consequences were still dire. At least, it was if he truly believed that Celia Honeywell had cursed the men of the Halestrom family over three centuries earlier. Instead, Luke intended to find evidence that the curse, and witches did not exist. And this quest led him to Clover Falls.

Bianca Honeywell lived with the consequences of her ancestor's rash curse. True, at the time, Celia was being murdered for being a witch, and she was one of the few accused who actually had been a witch. However, not only had all of the innocent future generations of Halestrom men suffered young deaths, but Bianca couldn't find any man who would be interested in her. They didn't understand that the curse only affected Halestrom men, not any man in a relationship with a Honeywell witch. Still, Bianca's lack of love life wasn't the biggest cause for concern, helping stop the curse was.

Bianca had had her share of reporters jumping on the story of the curse, and she was not pleased with Luke Hale's arrival in Clover Falls. She particularly was offended by his insistence that she was not a witch. However, it is as they work together researching their shared familial histories that they might be able to crack the curse.

Bewitching the Bachelor was a pleasure to read. Ms Calvin more than adequately made Celia a sympathetic witch, even as she was issuing the curse that would condemn the hero of the story. The story was full of engaging characters and a hero and heroine that readers will love to see together. I continued to be intrigued by the plot throughout the story, even though I did guess a bit of the resolution.

Kathy Andrico -