Supernatural Love

By Jeanine Berry

Mundania Press - July 2006

Paranormal Romance

Caroline Hartford had been a ghost in Hartford House for decades, at least that is what the rumors said. Personally, Megan Crain didn't believe in any of the mumbo-jumbo that her dad's side of the family did. Her Uncle Sebastian had left her the house, and she intended to sell it to pay off the medical expenses left from the illness and death of her mother. Too bad none of the prospective buyers seemed to be truly interested in buying the house. Until Liz Pendleton arrived.

Liz was a best-selling author of paranormal romances and thought the house was perfect. Unfortunately, her son Jake had been burned by Megan before and didn't believe anything she said, and he tried to prove to his mother that the ghost was simply a ruse. Jake and Megan had been high school sweethearts, but Megan's betrayal, or apparent betrayal had torn them apart. While desperately trying to find ways to convince his mother not to buy Hartford House, Jake spends more time with Megan.

Soon, there is a cursed ghost who has been trying to bring two soul mates together, as well as a mother who wants her son and his love to reunite.

Supernatural Love was an entertaining read from beginning to end. I didn't put it down. I enjoyed the multitude of paranormal/ghostly aspects to the story, plus the suspense. There is much more to this story than simply a ghostly haunting. I was pleasantly surprised by Supernatural Love and look forward to reading more stories by Jeanine Berry.

Kathy Andrico -