Cathy Liggett


"I'm not superstitious... until I go to send out a proposal. Then I have to sign the cover letter - not with just any pen - but with a pen from a fellow multi-published author. Or I can use my "Never Give Up" pen, given to me by one of my beloved critique partners. That pen's okay too. Next, I have to address my label with a nearly brand new pointy, black Sharpie - nothing else will do. And before I leave the house to go to the post office, I always say a prayer or two... Or ten... sometimes fifteen... or... well, even more... I'm not saying this always works... but why take a chance?"

Cathy Liggett (right) with critique partners at the real Corner Coffee Cafe which served as inspiration for the setting of Coffee, Tea or Molly?

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Non-Series Titles

The Spy Next Door

Somersby Sweet Romance

#1 - Pitter Patter
#2 - Coffee, Tea or Molly?