Coffee, Tea or Molly?

A Somersby Sweet Romance - Book 2

By Cathy Liggett

Avalon - August 2006

Contemporary Romance

Molly Katz had worked hard for her independence and had opened Corner Coffee Cafe without the help of any of her older siblings. She loved them, and knew they wanted the best for her, but she wanted to do this herself. Things weren't going as well as she had hoped. Although an initial success, her cafe was not generating the customers she had anticipated.

Drew Dawson had arrived in Somersby expecting an adventure. Instead, he learned that his older brother Blake had a business adventure in mind. Their first client was Molly, a woman Drew had found himself attracted to from the first time he ran into her - literally. He knew that he could easily give financial advice, but it was behind-the-counter advice that she really needed. He couldn't just tell Molly the true reason customers were not coming back when she stressed how much she valued her independence and did not appreciate help. It certainly put him in a predicament. Drew had a decision to make, whether to keep quiet and allow Molly's business to flounder or tell her the problem and save the business.

Drew also knew that any relationship between himself and Molly was also dependant on the choice he made.

COFFEE, TEA OR MOLLY? is an unusual romance where the heroine's stubborn independence is her biggest problem. Cathy Liggett allowed for Molly's independence to actually be a character flaw that could adversely affect Molly's life. This was a refreshing change from where the heroine typically can solve all her problems without anyone's help.

COFFEE, TEA OR MOLLY? is set in the same town as Pitter Patter, and Blake, Drew's brother, is the hero from that story. Cathy Liggett's subtle wit, endearing heroes, and entertaining voice is yet again evident in this thoroughly enjoyable read. I highly recommend all stories written by Ms. Liggett.

Kathy Andrico