The Spy Next Door

By Cathy Liggett

Five Star - May 2006

Contemporary Romance

Living in Smallsville, USA, Hope Hathaway knew not to expect anything exciting. So when she runs over to her uncle's Bed and Breakfast for a cup of coffee, she is surprised to find one of the most attractive men she had ever seen. But when she introduces herself as a bus driver, and author of romantic spy novels, he then states that he is a newly reassigned spy. Handsome, yes. Unstable...very probable. Too bad.

Experience had taught Chandler Adams that stating that he was a spy was probably the most likely way to convince people that he wasn't one. He didn't have the look, and, more importantly, he lacked the British accent. Chandler had recently requested to be reassigned from being an international spy to a domestic one. Some of the luster of the job had worn off, and he wanted to be closer to home.

Hope wasn't quite sure what to make of Chandler, but when her investigations end up with her being locked in a trunk with Chandler, she starts to wonder if maybe he hadn't been just giving her a line.

The Spy Next Door is a thoroughly enjoyable romance. Cathy Liggett writes with a gentle humor that had this reader laughing out loud. Chandler is everything we want in a hero - especially when he's trying to decide exactly which type of detective he's most like. And Hope is a heroine we can all identify with. I look forward to reading more books by Ms Liggett.

Kathy Andrico -