Gaslight Chronicles



November 2012


Knights of the Round Table, Vampyres, Werewolves. Steampunck Romance at its most fun! Cindy Spencer Pape's Gaslight Chronicles is yet another stellar series that thankfully has a full cast of characters - that will hopefully each have their own story.

Below I have the beginnings of the reviews for the four stories released so far. Please check them out!




Steam & Sorcery Sir Merrick Hadrian had thought his assignment to be simple. As a Knight of the Order of the Round Table, he would use his abilities to find some missing women and stop the human traffickers. Instead, he was attacked by vampyres, and in the process learned that these typically solitary creatures were working together, and he ended up with children.Click here for full review.



Photographs & Phantoms Amy Deland had originally thought it all coincidence, but as the deaths continued, she knew there was evil at work. As a photographer, she took photos of young and old. A few had died shortly after she took their photographs. In each case, a shadowy serpent was in the photograph, surrounding the person who had died. She might have a little of the gift that ran in her family, but she needed someone powerful to come and help. Click here for full review.



Kilts & Kraken Dr. Geneva MacKay hadn't wanted to leave Edinburgh. As a woman, it had taken time for her practice to finally succeed, and abandoning it, even for a few days, would be very detrimental. However a man had been injured defeating a kraken. Any doctor could help, but Geneva's father wanted her expertise to not only help the injured man, but to investigate for the Order. Click here for full review.



Moonlight & Mechanicals Wink Hadrian had loved Inspector Liam McCullough from the night she and her siblings had been discovered by Sir Merrick. He had brought them to his home, and they had all become family. But Papa hadn't been the only adult who had seen them that night in the dangerous alleys of Wapping. Liam had noticed her. Liam had also helped rescue her when she had been kidnapped. And she wanted to return the favor by helping eliminate the loneliness that he never could quite shed. Click here for full review.




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