Photographs & Phantoms

The Gaslight Chronicles Series - Book 2

By Cindy Spencer Pape

Carina Press - April 2011

Steampunk Romance

Amy Deland had originally thought it all coincidence, but as the deaths continued, she knew there was evil at work. As a photographer, she took photos of young and old. A few had died shortly after she took their photographs. In each case, a shadowy serpent was in the photograph, surrounding the person who had died. She might have a little of the gift that ran in her family, but she needed someone powerful to come and help.

Kendall Lake would rather be on an adventure, not going to Brighton on an assignment he wished to ignore. However it had been Lord Drood asking the favor, so Kendall was inclined to obey. Being captivated by the enchanting Amy was an unanticipated pleasure. Soon, Kendall was discovering that perhaps following through with his familial obligations might not be such an onerous chore. But first, he had to rescue his damsel in distress and convince her that he was the perfect man for her.

Photographs & Phantoms was a fun addition to the The Gaslight Chronicles. The passionate romance and lively characters were a perfect mix to keep the creepy suspense from overtaking the story. I loved revisiting with characters we met in Steam & Sorcery and truly hope that we visit this world many more times.

Kathy Andrico -


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