Moonlight & Mechanicals

The Gaslight Chronicles Series - Book 4

By Cindy Spencer Pape

Carina Press - October 2012

Steampunk Romance

Wink Hadrian had loved Inspector Liam McCullough from the night she and her siblings had been discovered by Sir Merrick. He had brought them to his home, and they had all become family. But Papa hadn't been the only adult who had seen them that night in the dangerous alleys of Wapping. Liam had noticed her. Liam had also helped rescue her when she had been kidnapped. And she wanted to return the favor by helping eliminate the loneliness that he never could quite shed.

Inspector Liam McCullough had known the Hadrians for years. Society may not know the true origins of all the children in their family, but Liam did. He had been with them through battles and celebrations. Their world was a dangerous one. Sir Merrick was a member of the Order, and Wink and her siblings had grown up fighting vampyres. Liam himself was a werewolf, not that he was dangerous, or rather, he wasn't dangerous to anyone in general. But he knew from personal experience how dangerous a werewolf could be. How strong they were. How in control they needed to be. He had no contact with his family for a reason, and that reason extended to why he would never himself marry.

It didn't matter how beautiful Wink was. How much she haunted his every thought. She needed to marry for his own peace of mind, and luckily he had the perfect man for her. Sir Connor MacKay was in love with her, and wanted to marry her. Connor didn't quite understand the uniqueness that was Wink. Liam would help Connor, for the sooner Wink said yes to Connor, the better.

Or the worse.

Moonlight & Mechanicals was another exciting adventure in The Gaslight Chronicles. We had known that Wink and Liam needed to be together, and thankfully Ms Pape didn't make us wait too long. Their love was poignant, particularly as Liam struggled with his feelings so that he could make Connor the best suitor Wink could have. There was only one problem with his solution. Although Wink loved Connor, she was in love with Liam. I look forward to many future stories in this series. After all, Wink has many siblings, and Connor needs his own story - and soon!

Kathy Andrico -


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