Kilts & Kraken

The Gaslight Chronicles Series - Book 3

By Cindy Spencer Pape

Carina Press - June 2012

Steampunk Romance

Dr. Geneva MacKay hadn't wanted to leave Edinburgh. As a woman, it had taken time for her practice to finally succeed, and abandoning it, even for a few days, would be very detrimental. However a man had been injured defeating a kraken. Any doctor could help, but Geneva's father wanted her expertise to not only help the injured man, but to investigate for the Order. If the injured man had single handedly defeated a kraken, he must have great abilities, and the Order needed to know about this. As well as why the kraken had acted so uncharacteristically.

Magnus Findlay needed to get home. During the battle with a kraken, the kraken had taken him from his home island of Torkholm. His life was linked to the island, and injured or not, depended on his return. Thankfully, the lovely Geneva travelled with him to his home, and his health improved upon arrival. As well as a healthy interested in Geneva herself. But Magnus knew full well the restrictive life any wife of his would be forced to live. He could leave the island for a short amount of time, but that was all. Geneva was from the city, had a successful practice there. He needed to focus on discovering why the kraken were attacking his island, and prepare to see Geneva leave for good.

Kilts & Kraken was an action filled romance with intrigue, passion and, yes, kraken. As the third installment of The Gaslight Chronicles, we visit with another family in the Order. But of course, members of the Merrick clan aren't far behind. As I have come to fully enjoy in Cindy Spencer Pape's books, Kilts & Kraken is infused with entertaining characters, both new and familiar. That sense of friendship, and support for one another is always a highlight. I hope that The Gaslight Chronicles continues so that we can see each of these characters find their own love.

Kathy Andrico -


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