Men Who Walk The Edge Of Honor Series






May 2011


Human trafficking. A terrible crime, and one that is all too prevalent, both in America and abroad. Just watch America's Most Wanted.

Men Who Walk the Edge of Honor is a series with elite mercenaries determined to eradicate human trafficking, and the women that they would cross that edge of honor to protect.

With alpha heroes, passion, suspense, and trademark Foster humor, Men Who Walk the Edge of Honor series has it all...including rescued pets. After all, doesn't the fact that a hero cares for animals endear him even more?

Below I have the beginnings of the reviews for each book in the trilogy, as well as the prequel. I hope that you check them out!




Ready, Set, Jett Jett Sutter wanted more. He and his neighbor Natalie Alexander had been intimate for awhile, but that was all. She didn't share her past, didn't ask anything of him. A perfect arrangement for some men, but for some unknown reason, this irked Jett. Not that he wanted anything permanent. As a private investigator, he had been able to find out about her family and her career. His observations had revealed her personality. But he wanted Natalie to share these things with him. He needed her to want more, just as he did.Click here for full review.



When You Dare Dare had gone in to retrieve one woman. A woman he considered a little sister had been kidnapped by human traffickers. He had no intention of allowing any hostage to remain in their captivity, but he hadn't anticipated returning home with a woman whose presence among the hostages he found as confusing as he found her fortitude enticing. Click here for full review.



Trace Of Fever Ever since his baby sister had been kidnapped, Trace Rivers had been dedicated in his efforts of eradicating human trafficking. Although she had been quickly rescued by his friend and business partner Dare, he had no intentions of allowing any person to go through such a horrific ordeal if he could prevent it.Click here for full review.



Savor The Danger After her rescue from human traffickers, Alani Rivers could have hidden away behind the protection of her brother Trace and pseudo-brother Dare. Instead, she forged ahead with her independence. She was a survivor. When Jackson Savor, someone who worked for Trace and Dare, had turned his attentions on her, Alani was hesitant. Everything should have been perfect when they finally came together. Instead, there was the dreaded morning after.Click here for full review.




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