Ready, Set, Jett

Men Who Walk the Edge of Honor Series - Prequel

Short Story in The Guy Next Door Anthology

By Lori Foster

HQN - March 2011

Contemporary Romance

Jett Sutter wanted more. He and his neighbor Natalie Alexander had been intimate for awhile, but that was all. She didn't share her past, didn't ask anything of him. A perfect arrangement for some men, but for some unknown reason, this irked Jett. Not that he wanted anything permanent. As a private investigator, he had been able to find out about her family and her career. His observations had revealed her personality. But he wanted Natalie to share these things with him. He needed her to want more, just as he did.

Natalie didn't know what to think about Jett's new attitude. She had purposely kept anything personal out of their relationship. Having been burned too many times in the past, she had absolutely no intention of allowing that to happen again. She knew it would be too easy to fall in love with Jett.

Ready, Set, Jett sizzles from page one. Jett has decided to give a not-so-gentle push to Natalie for her to open up to him. He won't admit that there might be emotions behind his drive, but his actions scream his instinctual intent. Natalie is different, he is different with her, and we know that he is a hero who would be willing to put everything on the line for her.

Kathy Andrico -

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