When You Dare

Men Who Walk the Edge of Honor Series - Book 1

By Lori Foster

HQN - April 2011

Contemporary Romance

When You Dare is actually the second story involving characters in the Men Who Walk the Edge of Honor series. In Ready, Set, Jett, we meet Jett Sutter, who is intent on wooing a relationship out of Natalie Alexander. During their story, Natalie worries for her sister Molly. She hasn't heard from her, and her concern grows. With When You Dare, we learn what had happened.

Dare had gone in to retrieve one woman. A woman he considered a little sister had been kidnapped by human traffickers. He had no intention of allowing any hostage to remain in their captivity, but he hadn't anticipated returning home with a woman whose presence among the hostages he found as confusing as he found her fortitude enticing.

Molly Alexander had been to hell, and it had started with being kidnapped outside her apartment in Ohio. She had been smuggled into Mexico, and it had been immediately obvious that she was not taken as the typical victim in the sex trade. She was older and, being honest with herself, she was't as attractive. They also treated her differently. She, they were willing to hit, while bruises would decrease the value of the other women.

Quick to accept what had happened and the implications of her circumstances, Molly understood that she had been taken for a reason, and that most likely involved someone she knew. Although she had no doubts that her sister was not behind her abduction, Dare wasn't as quick to discount her as a suspect, Molly knew that there were others in her life that could be so cold. She needed protection, and she needed someone who could sort out who her enemy was. Until that time, she wasn't safe.

Except when she was with Dare.

When You Dare is a sexy adventure with a larger than life hero who has finally met his match. Dare has no qualms in using whatever means he has at his disposal to do his job. Whether it is on the right side of the law, he's good enough to not care. And neither will the readers. They'll cheer him on as he goes after the bad guys, and they'll cheer even louder as he claims his woman. I adored him. He's not the typical alpha hero who needs to be hit on the head to recognize love. He's more than willing to share affection, and when he sheds his intimidating persona - his wry comments are simply entertaining.

With When You Dare, Lori Foster launches a new series that will have readers clamoring for more. And even better is the knowledge that the next two stories will be released over the following two months.

Kathy Andrico - KathysReviewCorner.com


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