Lucy Monroe's Close Quarters and Greek Tycoons Duo

October 2010



I have not been able to work on my website last month, so did not post the prize Lucy Monroe generously offered. Therefore, I am keeping her profiled, and adding my review for her newest release Close Quarters. To be eligible for a prize, you must be a member of my announcement group as of Oct 31, 2010. Winner will be selected from members in Nov. For further details, please see the Newsletter Page.



Close Quarters

The Goddard Project - Book 5

The Atrati - Book 1

By Lucy Monroe

Brava - September 2010

Contemporary Romance

Roman Chernichenko had been given his orders. He and his team were going in to protect sensitive information from falling into enemy hands. He had also been given an assassination directive, and he was willing to do so if necessary. However, it had been an idiot who had given the order, and the evidence was circumstantial. He and his Atrati team would determine if the person named in the report was truly a spy.

The fact that he had met Tanya Ruston at his sister's wedding, and that there had been an attraction, would not interfere in his assignment. In fact, it only helped. He would use their attraction to his advantage.

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Lucy Monroe's Greek Tycoons Duo

August and September 2010



I was thrilled to receive copies of Lucy Monroe's two Harlequin Presents stories that have been released this summer. They are a two book series that she has written, but also part of the larger Traditional Greek Husbands miniseries within the Harlequin Presents line.

I always enjoy stories with Greeks, and especially when they visit Greece. Add in engaging characters, the fact that we get to visit with them in two books, and sightseeing some of my favorite places, and I'm hooked. Below, I have included the beginning of my reviews for both stories, with links to the full reviews. I hope that you check them out.



The Shy Bride

Greek Tycoons Duo - Book 1

Harlequin Presents #2929

Honor, and a lost bet, was the only reason Neo Stamos agreed to the piano lessons. His best friend Zephyr thought Neo needed to get away from work once a week. Be himself, and relax. How could he relax when he had a company to run? After negotiations, he agreed to try the lessons.

Cassandra Baker didn't know what to expect when the year's worth of lessons she had donated for a charity auction was sold for $100,000. A former child prodigy, and now a famous musician, Cass didn't perform live. She only gave the one set of lessons. And she avoided the public. She was not prepared for the force of nature that was Neo.

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The Greek's Pregnant Lover

Greek Tycoons Duo - Book 2

Harlequin Presents #2935

Zephyr Nikos knew he could never love, his childhood experiences had robbed him of that delicate emotion. He could be a ruthless tycoon, but he could also be a very good friend. He was best friends with his business partner Neo, and was fond of Neo's fiancee. But he had another friend. A woman whose design firm he had hired several times, and they had grown from business acquaintances, to friends, to friends with benefits.

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