The Shy Bride

Greek Tycoons Duo - Book 1

Harlequin Presents #2929

By Lucy Monroe

July 2010

Contemporary Romance

Honor, and a lost bet, was the only reason Neo Stamos agreed to the piano lessons. His best friend Zephyr thought Neo needed to get away from work once a week. Be himself, and relax. How could he relax when he had a company to run? After negotiations, he agreed to try the lessons.

Cassandra Baker didn't know what to expect when the year's worth of lessons she had donated for a charity auction was sold for $100,000. A former child prodigy, and now a famous musician, Cass didn't perform live. She only gave the one set of lessons. And she avoided the public. She was not prepared for the force of nature that was Neo.

After only the first lesson, Neo found himself anticipating the sessions. Years earlier, he had wanted to learn to play, which Zee had remembered. But it was more than running his fingers over the keys. It was Cass. He liked spending time with her. He was worried about her, and actually found himself taking time out of his busy schedule, just for her.

The Shy Bride was an enjoyable story with a touching romance and engaging characters. Cass's agoraphobia had made her a recluse. She had friends online, but interaction in person was difficult. Although Neo pushed Cass, he did so in a sensitive manner. Never too hard, and never anything she truly couldn't accept. It was a pleasure watching Cass break free and find love with Neo. I also am looking forward to seeing Zee find the right woman for himself.

Kathy Andrico -


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