The Greek's Pregnant Lover

Greek Tycoons Duo - Book 2

Harlequin Presents #2935

By Lucy Monroe

August 2010

Contemporary Romance

Zephyr Nikos knew he could never love, his childhood experiences had robbed him of that delicate emotion. He could be a ruthless tycoon, but he could also be a very good friend. He was best friends with his business partner Neo, and was fond of Neo's fiancee. But he had another friend. A woman whose design firm he had hired several times, and they had grown from business acquaintances, to friends, to friends with benefits.

He had hired Piper for a new project in Greece, and he was surprising her with a well deserved vacation. She worked too hard, as did he, but he wanted the time to spoil and pamper her. She was a good friend, someone he cared for, but someone he knew he could not be with forever. She deserved a man who could love her, and he could not be that man.

It would take an unplanned pregnancy to change everything.

The Greek's Pregnant Lover sweeps from Athens to Seattle with a whirlwind romance readers will love. Zephyr may not think he's capable of loving, but his consideration of Piper will endear him to readers. His every action, including his detailed planning of their Athens sightseeing, speaks of how much Piper means to him. I truly enjoyed reading both stories in this series. Although part of a series, The Greek's Pregnant Lover does stand on its own

Kathy Andrico -


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