Close Quarters

The Goddard Project - Book 5

The Atrati - Book 1

By Lucy Monroe

Brava - September 2010

Contemporary Romance

Roman Chernichenko had been given his orders. He and his team were going in to protect sensitive information from falling into enemy hands. He had also been given an assassination directive, and he was willing to do so if necessary. However, it had been an idiot who had given the order, and the evidence was circumstantial. He and his Atrati team would determine if the person named in the report was truly a spy.

The fact that he had met Tanya Ruston at his sister's wedding, and that there had been an attraction, would not interfere in his assignment. In fact, it only helped. He would use their attraction to his advantage. He and his team had a difficult time taking the report at face value. However, he was not going to make another mistake. He would use any means at his disposal to find out if Tanya was in Zimbabwe for anything more than relief work.

Close Quarters was another romance filled with passion and fascinating characters as I have come to expect from Lucy Monroe. In fact, there are two romances within this story. Roman and Tanya's, and Goddard Project agent Bennet Vincent and Dr. Fleur Andikan. Roman and Tanya's story explodes from the pages. Chemistry sizzles between these two, but the sparks really fly when Roman has to account for his actions. I adored Tanya, but in my opinion, Roman will need to grovel for a few more years. Ben and Fleur's story is very touching. Fleur had overcome tremendous obstacles, and Ben was able to provide a healing touch. This is the first story in this series that I have read, and it did stand alone...although I now want to go back and read the rest.

Kathy Andrico -


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