KRC 10 Year Gem Winner

Nalini Singh's Psy-Changeling Series with Special Mention, Mine to Possess

And from her Guild Hunter Series Archangel's Blade and Archangel's Shadows

June 2017



I have been a dedicated Psy-Changeling reader since I read Visions of Heat (Book 2) in 2007. Hard to believe it has been 10 years. Not so hard to believe is that I awarded the Psy-Changeling series a 2007 KRC Gem.

I am a dedicated rereader. Not necessarily cover to cover, but favorite scenes, and Singh Stories are often at the top of my "recently read" list on my ereader, and audiobook list. I just can't get enough. I honestly could list 75% of the stories in the Psy-Changeling series as favorites, but I am only going to list one - Mine to Possess

Mine to Possess, was a 2008 KRC GEM winner. As children they had been best friends. Then a traumatic incident had separated them for decades. He had been told she was dead. I had read a chapter from it at the end of another book - Big Mistake. One I rarely do. I couldn't wait to read the story about Clay and his Tally, and I have re-read, and re-listened, to it multiple times. You can read my review here Mine to Possess

Anyone who is a fan of Nalini Singh should belong to her newsletter. She often includes short stories and deleted scenes from her various books, which only several months later will appear on her website. The first time I met Nalini Singh, I told her how much I adored Clay and Tally, and would love to see him back at "The Nest". I still hope to see how this leopard who lives in a tree reacts while visiting the family who had raised Tally, and live on a rural farm. I can just imagine his reaction.

Lucky for readers like me, Ms Singh has many more stories planned in this world. With her newest release Silver Silence, she is beginning her second story arc. Same world, same continuing storyline, but focusing on different communities.

Ms Singh has another popular series, the Guild Hunter series. At first glance, this is a much darker series than the other. When I first started reading the stories, I couldn't understand how most of the "non-mortals" could ever be worthy of a romance of their own. Boy was I wrong, and I've included info on two such stories below.

Archangel's Blade, a 2011 KRC Gem winner, and a story I never thought I would want to read, much less have it be an absolute favorite. It is easy to consider Dmitri evil, but that is judging him with mortal values. Dmitri is immortal, and is responsible for controlling others who could cause extreme harm. Then you learn of his past, and Dmitri is one of the most amazing heroes of any story I have read. You can read my review here Archangel's Blade

Archangel's Shadows, a 2014 KRC Gem winner, and was one that I eagerly awaited. Throughout the series, readers had been entertained by the vampire Janvier's antics when it came to the mortal vampire hunter Ashwini. Each time she was hired to hunt him, he managed to lead her on a merry chase, only to then have the hunt called off. Everyone, angels, vampires, and mortals, had been entertained by these two. And their romance was simply perfect. You can read my review here Archangel's Shadows

Here's looking to another ten years (and more) of fantastic reads by Nalini Singh









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